We want to answer these questions first – Somalia we want


  1. What is the Somalia we want?
  2. We want a Somalia that is free of violent, conflict and war! What leadership does produce to get that result?
  3. We want a Somalia that is free from poverty! What kind of leadership do we need to create to end that poverty?
  4. We want Somalia that is driven by inspiration and unity for all! Where is the leadership, how do we create?
  5. We want Somalia that is free from corruption! How do we produce a leadership that is not corrupt?


These are the questions we have to answer and it’s not easy to answer. But we need critical self-assessment of ourselves as Somalis.
We’ve to discuss about qualities of leadership, challenges will face and so on.


For example, let’s say performance of the current president whose term ended on 8th February,2021 and is being in the office for 4 years and now trying to extend.

  1. Did Farmaajo provide this kind of leadership that is suitable for this Somalia we want? What did he go wrong?
  2. Does he deserve to give extension to correct his mistakes or he has to step down?


Let’s go to what we’re supposed to do, so that we sit as people of the country and say to the president:

You’re Misbehaving.
You’re stealing public resources
You’ve accessed power in order to put money in your pocket or oppress.
This is not the leadership we want
You’re not helping but deserting

But, we’re not doing that absolutely because we’re afraid; we’re afraid to speak frankly to one another about the wrong thing we do, and I think if we don’t do that. We will need a century a head to discuss the same questions.

In conclusion, I think that critical self-assessment of the country is necessary and I mean really critical, truthful self-assessment, that is really an important steps forward in terms of producing this kind of leadership which Somalia want.




Abdikarim Mohamed
Director & CEO of Hawraar Institute
Hawraar Institute is a Somali think tank that conduct research & advocacy on democratic governance, regional peace and security, HR, and counter-radicalization.